So, Michael Jackson’s “Bad” will be re-released September 18th to celebrate the classic album’s 25th anniversary.

The re-release, called “Bad 25”, will include remastered tracks, rare demos and—of course + unfortunately—features remixes of the classics by current ‘it’ djs.

I really hate the fact that remixes have to be included on the re-release of a classic Michael Jackson album, but of course this is gonna happen. The music industry will kill everything we once loved, before or after a musician has died..

A-Trak and Diplo will also be remixing songs from “Bad”….while I don’t hate these djs like Skrillex + all things dubstep + don’t mind the Afrojack remix found here, I’m sort of confident the end result of this re-release will be—you guessed it—BAD.

Finally, someone else decided to remix MF Doom. It barely happens. I know because I check the Hype Machine maniacally for MF Doom remixes. Hip hop heads are gonna love UK’s Man On Wire. So if you fit the description…check out Man On Wire’s Soundcloud page…dude remixes Nas and A Tribe Called Quest among others.

Another living legend becomes a legend. I want to groan at all the posts flooding Facebook like everyone else, but death is always hard for me to swallow. I’ve had someone close to me commit suicide while struggling with addiction, and it wasn’t a laughing matter. Still isn’t. It’s really easy to make jokes about Whitney and Bobby…but a lot of things are easy to do. Like falling into addiction and never making the comeback everyone was hoping for. 

Here’s a great remix of “Music” to tide you over until that likely-to-be disappointing Super Bowl half time show goes down. Why does badmouthing football seem like greater blasphemy than denouncing Jesus on Super Bowl Sunday? Kind of reminds me of what it was like badmouthing Madonna this week…. Why do people have to love their idols so much, that they’ll deal with completely mediocre—even terrible—music coming from them…I am terrified to hear the new Madonna album in its entirety, after seeing the new video

I’m a fan of Madonna, but “Give Me All Your Luvin’” is terrible. The song could have almost been acceptable if it wasn’t featuring M.I.A. and Nicki Minaj for hype. And the video is dumb……….Are we seriously pretending we are in high school, Madonna? And why? You’re not getting any younger here………And she’s holding a plastic baby and being a terrible mother to it. I do not understand any of this.


The Queen of Hip-Hop Soul celebrates her 41st birthday today. This remix is from her “What’s The 411?” remix album, produced by Sean “Puffy” Combs, before anyone knew much about him. Last year Blige released her tenth studio album, and this year she’ll star alongside Tom Cruise and Alec Baldwin in the adaptation of “Rock Of Ages”, a Broadway musical paying tribute to classic rock hits from the 80’s. Can’t wait to her big-screen debut.

It’s a shame it’s her debut in movies….since she’s been around forever. But sadly, Mary J. Blige has never received recognition from the mainstream, despite being around since 1994 and never going away for a minute. Guess she isn’t commercial enough. I could turn this into a feminist argument in ten seconds or less, but you get the picture. 

I want Luda to be my workout instructor. Listen to this track and tell me you couldn’t put it on repeat and go to the gym or for a walk. EVEN BETTER: I really wish Ludacris had a workout video now, and instead of this being a song it was what he told viewers to get into shape. He could just turn this into a 45-minute cardio workout, make a bunch of freestyles, then enter in the chorus constantly to keep viewers on track with their workout.

You know who else would be GREAT at this? Missy Elliot….actually, her music would be wayyyy better for this. “Work It” is an obvious workout song, so is “Lose Control”….the beat of her songs begs to become a workout video tune. Oh wow. I wish this would happen NOW.