So, Michael Jackson’s “Bad” will be re-released September 18th to celebrate the classic album’s 25th anniversary.

The re-release, called “Bad 25”, will include remastered tracks, rare demos and—of course + unfortunately—features remixes of the classics by current ‘it’ djs.

I really hate the fact that remixes have to be included on the re-release of a classic Michael Jackson album, but of course this is gonna happen. The music industry will kill everything we once loved, before or after a musician has died..

A-Trak and Diplo will also be remixing songs from “Bad”….while I don’t hate these djs like Skrillex + all things dubstep + don’t mind the Afrojack remix found here, I’m sort of confident the end result of this re-release will be—you guessed it—BAD.

Finally, someone else decided to remix MF Doom. It barely happens. I know because I check the Hype Machine maniacally for MF Doom remixes. Hip hop heads are gonna love UK’s Man On Wire. So if you fit the description…check out Man On Wire’s Soundcloud page…dude remixes Nas and A Tribe Called Quest among others.

Here’s a match made in heaven, made here on earth instead. Soul sister Estelle and android Janelle Monáe team up on “Do My Thang” from Estelle’s third studio album All Of Me, which comes out tomorrow. I’m excited to check it out, since I fell hard for Estelle after her top notch collabo with Kanye, “American Boy”. I don’t expect the album to do well in the U.S., since she’s too soulful and grown (think Mary J. Blige) to make a big splash in the baby pool  mainstream…..but hey what else is new. She does just fine in the UK I’m sure. 

Thanks, Converse. This collabo happened because of a new line of Converse sneakers coming out, the Chuck Taylor Gorillaz Collection, designed by Gorillaz co-creator Jamie Hewlett. So so awesome. I want a pair. Oh yeah and this song=amazing. The original version was just fine, but thankyousomuch for making a 13-minute version of it, where André 3000 goes off on a brilliant tangent for most of it, screaming “I’m the shit” with so much ego it makes Kanye seem bashful. Epic.